F. Dunor, RN-BSNFaculty

Ms. Dunor started her nursing career as a LPN working as a night charge nurse at a Long Term care facility on a Trach and Ventilator Unit. Since then, she has worked at several small rural hospitals as an emergency room nurse.  In one Long Term care facility she worked as a Unit Manager, where she ran and manage 76 patients and 16 staff. She also worked in staff education at a Home Health agency where she worked as a Director of Nursing.  Additional experience includes working as a supervisor for a rehabilitation and long term care facility for the elderly.

Ms. Dunor strongly believe that every student can learned given the effective learning atmosphere, created by the instructor. The atmosphere must continue respect, trust, and reciprocal learning. Famatta chose to be a nurse because she wanted to contribute to humanity, and as such has chosen to teach so that she can contribute to the career that she loves and that has given her so much.

College Catalog 2019