Student Services

student servicesFelbry is committed to providing those support services that will help each student to maximize his or her potential for successful completion of their academic program. Helpful academic advise is given to every student and individual tutoring is provided for students who request it.  The schedule for tutoring services is published and distributed to all students each semester.  Walk-ins are also available.

Referrals to outside agencies are made for students who are experiencing personal problems, financial and other concerns beyond the scope of Felbry’s support services.

Felbry’s career services include career development, résumé preparation, and job placement assistance for graduates and for currently enrolled students seeking part-time employment.

A computer lab allows students to conduct online research for class assignments and to view program-related information online and to access sites for during open lab hours for NCLEX-PN review.

Felbry College is a community, not an institution. Students with determination and willingness to learn will find success at Felbry College.  Please contact our Alumni Career Services group at (614) 781-1085 for more information.