Anne Malone

A. Malone, RN, BSN, MSNFaculty

Mrs. Malone has been a nurse for over 35 years. She initially earned a BSN from Ohio Wesleyan University. She earned her MSN-Ed from Capital University in 2011 with the intent to be able to educate others in the art and science of nursing. She loves direct patient care and is particularly passionate about collaborating with patients, families and multidisciplinary teams to meet the needs of the whole person in a home environment. Early in her career, Mrs. Malone worked on a surgical unit at Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. She also has experience working with adult patients on a neuro-surgical unit at Ohio State University Hospitals. The majority of her direct patient care has been in the community setting. She has experience in public health, home care and hospice. Currently she is employed by Mount Carmel Home Care on a contingent basis while a full-time faculty member at Felbry College.

Mrs. Malone has several years of teaching experience, including home-schooling her own children and volunteering in educational co-ops. She has taught at the PN, ADN and BSN levels with continued enthusiasm and passion for infusing the art of caring into nursing practice. She has contributed to a project to influence nursing education in Cambodia and participated in direct patient care in the Philippines. She has a life-long continued interest in meeting with and learning about people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. She has hosted international students for many years from different countries including Kenya, Japan, Zimbabwe, South Korea, Tanzania, Bulgaria and Brazil. In her spare time, Mrs. Malone enjoys time with family, friends and pursuing hobbies such as gardening and quilting.