Program Description

A graduate of Associate of Applied Science in Nursing will receive an Associate Degree in Nursing. The program consists of two (2) tracks. The first track is direct ADN which is designed for students with no prior nursing experience or training. The second track is LPN-RN which is designed for students with previously practical nursing training or licensure.
At the completion of the Associate of Applied Science in Nursing program, the student will be presented to the Board of Nursing. Graduates certified by the Ohio Board of Nursing will be eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).
Registered nurses (RNs) participate as contributing members of the healthcare team by providing and coordinating patient care in a Healthcare facility. They also oversee and supervise practical nurses, nurses’ aides, and home care aides. Registered nurses work in hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies, etc.


The graduate of the Associate of Applied Science in nursing degree is expected to:

  1.  Perform nursing duties within legal and ethical principles and professional standards of practice according to prevailing regulations.
  2. Apply evidence-based knowledge from nursing and the basic biological, physical, social, behavioral, and technological sciences to support clinical decision-making and to provide accurate, safe nursing care in diverse settings.
  3. Utilize the nursing process and collaborating with other members of the healthcare team to promote achievement of identified client outcomes.
  4. Provide accurate, safe nursing care when implementing the prescribed treatment regimen to assist clients/families in coping/ adapting to changes in health status and health deviation to promote self-care and continuity of care within and across healthcare settings.
  5. Assist the client when making healthcare decisions to achieve optimal level of functioning or end-of-life decisions to attain a peaceful, dignified death according to the client’s emotional, cultural, religious, and spiritual needs.
  6. Demonstrate caring behaviors in interactions with clients, significant support persons, and other members of the healthcare team.
  7. Utilize effective communication in interactions with the client, significant support persons, and members of the healthcare team.
  8. Collaborate with the client, significant support persons, and other healthcare team members to achieve desired client outcomes using available resources and services to provide safe, cost-effective care.
  9. Participate in lifelong learning and professional and healthcare advancement.
  10. Demonstrate leadership ability while caring for multiple clients within diverse health care settings.
  11. Apply principles of teaching and learning while providing patient education
  12. Utilize principles of physical assessment to make clinical decisions related to client condition and progression.

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Be 18 year of age or older.
  • Submit the application form with registration fee.
  • Complete the required entrance test. The applicant must meet the predetermined composite passing score of 65% to continue with the acceptance process. If unsuccessful, one (1) retake is permitted. Retakes are the financial responsibility of the student. Photo identification must be presented prior to testing at the test site.
  • Submit proof of US residency.
  • Be a High School graduate and submit a High School Transcript OR General Education Development Certificate (GED).
  • Complete clinical health requirements.
  • Submit a criminal history record check (BCI & FBI).
  • Submit two (2) character references.

How to apply
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