Fire Safety Policy

Felbry has developed specific procedures to be followed in the event there is a fire or suspected fire on the premises. In compliance with local fire department and applicable government regulations, evacuation routes for each area and each floor of the building have been prepared and are posted throughout the school.

Designated Felbry staff and faculty have been trained to assist in evacuating the building in case of fire or other emergency. These designated individuals are also trained to assist physically challenged individuals in evacuating under emergency circumstances.

Unannounced fire drills are conducted at least once annually to test the college’s readiness to implement its fire safety and evacuation plans in the event of a real fire.

Any time a fire alarm is heard, it should be assumed that there is a fire and all persons on the campus should act accordingly, without exception. Listed in the following sections are steps that should be taken immediately in the event of a fire or suspected fire or when the fire alarm is heard.


  • Immediately stop anything that you are doing
  • Take your personal belongings with you, if it is safe to do so, because you may not be allowed back into the building
  • Do not take any food or drink with you
  • Do not use cell phones or any other electronic items during the evacuation
  • If there is time, turn off all lights, electrical equipment
  • Close the door of the room as you exit
  • Do not open any doors you cannot see through to exit before first placing a hand on the door to ensure that it is not hot from flames on the other side
  • Go to the nearest designated exit or stairway, based on the room/floor evacuation plan
  • If evacuating from the second floor of the building, stay next to the inside railing to go down the stairs
  • Follow the directions given by any authority who may be present
  • After reaching the ground level, immediately exit the building and move at least 300 feet away from it