Merit and Need-Based Scholarships

Felbry offers scholarships and grants based on academic achievement and financial need. All grants and scholarships require full time enrollment, unless otherwise noted. Scholarship amounts are divided evenly between the semesters. Some scholarships require minimum GPA to be maintained. Felbry scholarships and grants are available only to U.S citizens and permanent residents.

Felbry College Grant: Up to $500


  • Recipient must be enrolled and must have completed at least halftime of the first semester
  • Demonstrate financial need (based on results of FAFSA)
  • Submit a completed application form via email to; Attention: Director of Financial Aid; Subject: Felbry Grant or drop the form at the Financial Aid Office
  • Recipient will receive an email notification within 4 weeks of application submission and the grant will be applied towards the student’s tuition, evenly distributed throughout the students remaining semesters

Academic Excellence/Merit Based Award: Up to $1,000 per program


  • Award is a one-time benefit per program
  • Applicant must be enrolled (minimum of 4 courses) in the semester in which the award will be applied
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities and be of good conduct
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.7
  • Recipient will receive award letter within six weeks of attaining GPA requirements

Juliana Tolani Scholarship – $500
Five scholarships awarded each enrollment. Application does not guarantee award.


  • Recipient must be a current Felbry first semester student (enrolled)
  • Be a single parent (female) with income earning less than $18000 annually
  • Demonstrate financial need (based on results of the FAFSA)
  • Applicants should complete an application form and also submit a 1-2 page essay on why they should be awarded the scholarship. The essay should make reference to Madam J. Tolani’s biography
  • Completed application form and essay should either be emailed to— attention: Director of Financial Aid, subject: Juliana Tolani Scholarship or dropped with the Financial Aid Officer
  • Application deadlines are January 15 (Winter), May 15 (Spring) and September 15 (Fall) enrollment periods respectively
  • Recipient will receive award letter or email notification within 6 weeks of application submission

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Note: Felbry awards, grants, and scholarships, unless otherwise noted may only be applied towards tuition and fees and are based on availability of funds.