Felbry School of Nursing Drug and Alcohol Policies

The college recognizes alcoholism and drug abuse as illnesses or treatable disorders, and it is the college’s policy to work with members of the college community to provide channels of education and assistance. Felbry College School of Nursing will provide information on and make referrals to various community agencies and organizations that can provide in-depth assistance to persons with drinking or drug problems.

A list of some of those agencies and organizations serving the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area follows this section. The list is included in hand-outs to new students and to attendees at the college’s drug and alcohol abuse prevention workshops. It is, however, the individual’s responsibility to seek assistance.

  • While on campus or engaged in any college related-activity, employees and students must be in a fit condition to conduct themselves appropriately to work or learn. Being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is prohibited and will subject the individual to disciplinary action, including the possibility of termination of employment or expulsion from the college;
  • Employees will be evaluated on their work performance. If alcohol consumption or the use of any other drug affects an employee’s performance, assistance is available. However, if an employee’s performance continues to deteriorate, the college will discipline the employee based on his or her job performance. Poor job performance will lead to discharge;
  • Professional assistance for substance abuse is given on a confidential, professional, and voluntary basis to help the student who has a substance abuse problem continue to pursue his or her program of study or the employee to lead a productive work life free of the substance abuse;
  • Any student or employee who engages in any illegal activity, such as illegal possession, use or sale of alcohol or other drugs is subject to dismissal or expulsion;
  • Possession and/or consumption of alcohol by individuals under 21 years of age is unlawful. Underage students caught under the influence of alcohol may be reported to local authorities for underage drinking.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on campus at any event or activity.

The college recognizes that the possession and/or use of certain substances are illegal, and the college is obligated to comply with local, state, and Federal laws.
Any sanctions for the use of alcohol or drugs on campus by students will be applied by the college’s Disciplinary Committee, acting on its discretion and judgment of the situation. In the case of employees, the personnel office will be responsible for determining the appropriate course of action. For more information, employees should also refer to the Employee Handbook, available at the personnel office.

Sanctions may include written reprimands on the student or employee’s record, restriction or loss of privileges, suspension, expulsion or termination of employment, and referral for prosecution. Aside from these sanctions, students will remain financially liable for institutional charges pending on the student’s account, and both students and employees will be financially liable for indirect or direct charges associated with any reported incidents.

In order to protect the professional and academic environment of the college, a college committee will evaluate petitions from students who would like to be readmitted to the college following their suspension for violations of Felbry College’s drug and alcohol policies. In order to be considered and evaluated for reentry, the suspended student must submit documentation which confirms that (1) he or she has obtained professional help from a State-licensed agency, organization, or appropriate professional, and (2) he or she has complied with treatment, or is currently in treatment and showing improvement. Any petition for readmission may be denied upon evaluation.

However, any such student who has been readmitted by the committee and who was formerly a Title IV recipient must complete the required period of Title IV ineligibility before the college will accept and process any application for reinstatement of Title IV eligibility.

Felbry College School of Nursing will notify the appropriate law enforcement office or agency of any violations of its drug and alcohol policies that are also criminal infractions.

In the State of Ohio, criminal penalties for the possession or sale of controlled substances range from a minimum of 6 months imprisonment up to 11 years and may include fines up to $20,000. The prison terms and fines for illegal drugs run significantly higher.

The following websites give more specific information about the criminal penalties, including fines and imprisonment, that a convicted individual may face:
Felony Sentencing Reference Guide
State and Federal Drug Laws

The following list contains several of the organizations and agencies within the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area that provide treatment, counseling, and education for persons who are abusing drugs or alcohol. In two instances on the list, the actual services offered have been provided to give the reader an idea of what help is available at most of the centers.

Access Ohio
99 Brice Rd., Suite 360
Columbus, Oh 43213
Voice: (614) 367-7700
Fax: (614) 317-4689

Africentric Personal Development Shop
1409 East Livingston Avenue
Columbus, OH 43205
Voice: (614) 253-4448
Fax: (614) 253-8781

Community for New Direction
993 E. Main Street
Columbus, OH 43205
Voice: (614) 272-1464
Voice: (614) 272-1486

Cornerstone of Recovery
7400 Huntington Park Dr.
Columbus, OH 43235
Voice: (614) 889-0000
Fax: (614) 889-6599

Columbus Area Integrated Health Services, Inc – Bell Center ATC
813 Bryden Road
Columbus, OH 43205
Voice: (614) 372-3000
Fax: (614) 351-3454

House of Hope for Alcoholics Outpatient Treatment Services
1034 Harrisburg Pike
Columbus, OH 43223
Voice: (614) 276-4840
Fax: (614) 276-4746

Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth of Ohio, Inc.
4615 Hilton Corporate Drive
Columbus, OH 43232
Voice: (614) 729-2030
Voice: (614) 729-2024

Family Counseling Services
Individual Counseling
Group Counseling
Crisis Intervention
Case Management

The Recovery Center
7901 Diley Rd., Suite 100
Canal Winchester, OH 43110
Voice: (740) 687-4500
Fax: (740) 687-4595

Medical/Somatic Outreach Services
Intensive Outpatient Assessment
Referral and Information Crisis Intervention
Individual Counseling Family Counseling
Group Counseling Case Management
Consultation Training