About Felbry

The Felbry College-School of Nursing goal is simple: to provide the utmost quality education to our students and do everything possible to help them succeed. Our second goal is to give the under-privileged, the under-served, and the under-represented populations the opportunity to have a professional career in nursing and health care.

A degree from Felbry College-School of Nursing is more than just a certificate, it is indeed an impartation. From the moment our students enter the classroom for the first time, we work to groom them for a professional career in nursing.  Our students learn professionalism, clinical skills, business skills such as resume writing, and critical thinking for successful nursing career.

How do we teach dedication and professionalism to our students? It starts with having a great faculty and staff. Felbry College-School of Nursing is built through staff and faculty dedication with the goals of nurturing minds and sending great nurses into the world. We are a community of nursing professionals – with years of experience in the field – who have united to achieve this goal. We impart dedication and professionalism to our students through example.

We are particularly dedicated to helping students who may have lost the hope of having a professional career or perhaps are discouraged as a result of experiences in secondary education. Students who come to Felbry College-School of Nursing with a willingness to learn and accountability to professional standards will achieve a great level of success.

At Felbry College, we do not consider students as just customers; rather we consider them as future nurses, and we are here to give them the very best education and caring experience they deserve.